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Villa Cornelius with the surrounding nature offers an environment of tranquility perfect for maximum concentration. The house offers its clients all the necessary equipment to hold meetings, training courses, teamwork or successful celebrations. In addition, you can take advantage of several activities for team building such as Canoeing or Cluedo en Vivo among others.


Having the ability to manage our own emotions when making decisions, being empathetic with others, are emotional skills that will make us more successful personally and professionally and will help us to have a more flexible thinking

Coaching is a set of efforts and techniques focused on stimulating the human team of a company or organization. It is designed to achieve effectiveness in the results and motivation and personal satisfaction of workers, whatever their level.

From Villa Cornelius we propose 6 types of courses adaptable to the measure of the companies that want to obtain better results in their products. We have an ideal space and a complete kit for your development in a quiet environment essential for concentration and learning.


Can we improve our Emotional Intelligence to be more successful at work and in life? Emotionally intelligent people are happier, have greater self-awareness and enjoy greater mental well-being.


People who are more resistant to stress are those who get better interpersonal relationships, are less likely to suffer anxiety or depression have a greater self-motivation.


Laughing is healthy and has been scientifically proven. Releasing tensions through laughter and corporal expression generates numerous benefits and improves the ability to solve problems from a more optimistic perspective.


It is a technique that brings hope in the search for creative and alternative solutions to the conflicts or crossroads of life. The metaphorical language used in the stories is a bridge between the symbolic and the real, its use provides a space where processes of elaboration of internal issues, feelings, emotions, where the word does not arrive are streamlined.

Courses of 2 hours minimum duration.

Price of the courses according to participants by groups and hours

Up to 15 people 180€/h Minimum of 5 people.

From 16 people 210€/h Maximum 20 people.

Taught by May Martin and Ruth Lopez. Psychologists specialized in companies. 

Get more info calling  606 338 224


If you are looking for how to handle the specific vocabulary of business. If you want to acquire more responsibility for the equipment and generate a positive impact on your professional environment and staff, we have an intensive and very entertaining effective solution, ESPAÑOL FOR EXCELLENCE IMMERSION COURSES.

Global Services Training presents one-day immersion courses to improve your managerial skills with training classes with qualified professionals and fun activities in English: Lego Serious Play and Mindfulness.

The courses will be taught in a magnificent enclave Villa Cornelius luxury country house. Where we offer modern and complete equipment in a calm and vital environment for training and its maximum performance.


They are classes of techniques to deal with your next Pitch. Resources to manage and improve a negotiation or a meeting, optimizing interpersonal communication. Debates and conversations about the world of business. An excellent new and different immersion.

They are not English classes, it is what makes the difference!


10 hours immersive /connivance. Price per person 375€. A 37,50€ per hour.

Groups of between 4 and 8 people maximum. These courses will be taught during the week from Tuesday to Thursday.

677 486 341 – 91 429 65 71

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